Council recovery rehab meetings

The Council’s Workplace Services reaches employers and employees through customized services available to businesses. Our goal is to develop a drug-free business community by evaluating risk, reducing stigma, educating employers and workers, and implementing programs that make a positive impact on business results.

Services we provide:

• Review and Consultation
• Policy Development
• Implementation
• Continuing Education Workshops
• Presentations
• Employee Interventions and Referrals
• Executive Outpatient Treatment and Aftercare

Workshops and training we offer:

• Certified Designated Employer Representative (DER) Program
• Employee Awareness Education: Drug Detection & Deterrence in the Workplace
• Supervisor Training: Drug Detection & Deterrence in the Workplace
• Reasonable Suspicion: Drug & Alcohol Testing Training
• Substance Abuse Professional (SAP) Services
• Working Parents: Raising Drug-free Youth

For more information, contact or 281-200-9112.