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Workplace Services

Services we provide to ensure a drug-free workplace:

Review and Consultation
Getting started can be the hardest part. Our professional and experienced staff can meet with you, assess your drug-free workplace needs, and help guide you in choosing your next steps for creating a drug-free workplace.

Policy Development
Whether you are certain of your needs or seeking a second opinion on necessary updates, our expertise can help you create a new drug-free workplace policy or revise an existing policy. Once complete, we can help you set up systems for implementing your drug-free workplace policy, including on-site orientation for staff as well as any technical assistance you may require.

We encourage employee support for your drug-free workplace program through on-site orientation and hassle-free procedures. We also can assist in setting up a comprehensive drug testing program that meets all your needs, whether pre-employment testing, reasonable cause testing, random testing or all of these. Our extensive network of drug testing resources ensures a solution that best supports your company’s goals and standards.

Workshops: Continuing Education and Other Best Practices 
Our licensed counselors frequently offer workshops that provide professionals with PDH and CEU credits that pertain to drug-free workplace best practices. Held in one of The Council’s attractive venue spaces, they are among the city’s best resources for staying informed with the most recent development in drug-free workplace training. Contact us for a complete list of topics offered.

The Council’s licensed counselors also are available to visit your offices to present information to your employees or leadership team. Presentations can be created to address your needs, or customized from a variety of existing topics including:
• Stress and Burnout in the Workplace
• Treatment Options/Levels of Care
• The Impact of Substance Abuse on Families
• Recognizing Signs of Substance Abuse in Children

Employee Interventions and Referrals
If anyone at any level of your organization needs help with a substance use problem, The Council is readily available to provide referrals or professional interventions to help start your staff, colleague or leader on the road to recovery.
     The Council’s staff includes professionals trained to reach individuals at every level of your organization, whether they suffer from problem drinking, prescription or other drug abuse, or other dysfunctional behaviors.

Executive Outpatient Treatment and Aftercare
For those who wish to avoid an extended absence from work and expect the utmost discretion, we offer Healing Choices, an eight-week, intensive outpatient treatment program. It is followed by an aftercare program with a step-down approach based on each individual’s progress. The Council understands that lasting success requires active engagement in the recovery process.