History of CRF

The Center for Recovering Families was established in 1985 by Mary Bell and two Houston families who were interested in a family approach to treating alcohol and drug problems, and recognized the community’s need for counseling services to assist individuals and their families with addiction and other compulsive behaviors. Five years later, the Center developed an intensive outpatient program designed to treat individuals with addictive disorders within the context of their family of origin.

In 2002, The Center became a division of The Council on Alcohol and Drugs Houston, where it continues to offer quality, family systems-based counseling and outpatient treatment services. Over time, the program has expanded to respond to a diverse array of clinical issues, including a range of compulsive behaviors, disturbances of self-concept or mood, and impaired interpersonal relationships.

The Center’s primary goal is to offer the Houston community a financially accessible resource that provides individuals and families with hope and direction toward recovery from dysfunctional styles of living due to addictions, compulsive behaviors and codependency. The Center is supported by fees for service and private contributions.