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Intervention Services

Traditional interventions, associated with “tough love,” tend to evoke denial or defensiveness, with few of those confronted actually becoming willing to begin treatment.

Recently, a new model is available that focuses on respect for the addicted individual and involves the family in a healing process that affects everyone positively. Called the ARISE Family Intervention Model, it views intervention as an ongoing process (not an “event”), which involves the entire family.

With ARISE (A Relational Intervention Sequence for Engagement), an invitation is open to all family members—including the addicted person—to meet and discuss goals for change. The family meets and works together to assess their strengths (such as strong love for each other and determination to survive) and define issues they plan to address.

Inviting the addicted person to be part of the process and observe their role in the family dynamic has proven more effective in voluntary decisions to begin treatment (83%). It doesn’t stop there: Throughout treatment, the entire family actively participates in a process of recovery and healing. As family members develop ways to work together, they grow increasingly motivated to create positive change—together. 

The Council’s Center for Recovering Families has two staff members who are certified ARISE interventionists, qualified to facilitate these intervention services, as well as follow-up treatment services. Call 713-914-0556 for details or to arrange an appointment.