Seniors (Wellderly)
Facts about
Seniors and Substance Abuse
• 17% of older adults experience problems with abuse of alcohol or misuse of prescription drugs
• 20% of older adults experience mental disorders beyond the normal aging process, which may be connected to substance misuse or abuse- related problems
• Feelings of shame and stigma are greater problems for seniors. Seniors are less likely to see substance abuse problems as healthcare issues; medication management is a critical issue; mobility, hearing and vision, along with social support systems are of great importance.

The Council’s Wellderly Program provides information and resources to help older individuals, families, caregivers and social-service-providers identify and address substance misuse and abuse among adults ages 60 and over.

Wellderly Program services include:
• Individual, confidential counseling for seniors who want to better understand their problem
• Help for confused and concerned family members
• Community presentations by social workers and chemical dependency counselors
• Specific help in talking with an older adult who has questions about their own use or a friend’s use of alcohol
• Development of on-site support groups to help with life transitions experienced by older adults
• Educational materials that aid older adults in taking better care of themselves

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