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Client Testimonials

At The Council, many pathways are open to healing. One of these is giving children a chance to talk about and share how addiction has affected their family. Following are a few examples of healing moments and special memories:

•On the first morning of Kids Camp, one of the boys, Carl, openly cried when talking about a wish for his family, expressing how they had all been separated due to both of his parents’ drug addictions. Adam, the boy sitting next to him, reached over in empathy and patted his shoulder. They had just met. These two boys from different backgrounds became fast friends and exchanged phone numbers at the end of the four-days. Each found comfort in realizing that they were not alone.

•A newly sober mom came to the group filled with guilt and shame. She expressed to the other parents her worry that her young son, Trevor, would never forgive her for the damage done to the family while she was in her disease. But when Trevor sat across from her during the Saturday sharing process, his eyes filled with tears, “Mom, I was afraid I would lose you. Nobody could ever take your place. I want addiction to stay away from us.” Both Mom and son embraced while surrounded by the support of the group. The healing process in their relationship had begun.
Clients often send letters of gratitude, telling us how we have helped them or a family member to grow. These parents have agreed to share their words:

“A little over a year ago, my ex-husband, my son, and I came in for a second visit with you. My son had begun to realize that he was an alcoholic and we wanted your help in his “seeing the light” concerning a 90-day treatment program, then moving to a sober house, and working toward staying sober for at least a year.
     “Well, by the end of our meeting, you had helped my son realize that his best chance for beating his disease would be a plan with a one-year focus. The beauty of how you do your magic is that you helped him reach the “best” conclusion by asking, and letting him answer, questions that gave him buy-in.
     “Ten days after our visit with you, our son entered a 90-day program. He has remained sober for 18 months, worked full-time for the same company since last year, had his own apartment for almost that long, and will be attending university as a full-time student this fall.
     “We are so thankful for your help in setting our son on this path, and each day is its own victory. I wanted to let you know that your help changes lives and makes a big difference.” —Grateful Mom

“Kids Camp helps parents understand and learn about addiction and what it does to you and your family. It brings out your feelings and what can be done about them. My child has opened up to me without fear.”  —Parent of 8-year-old

“The program breaks down hurtful feelings that were buried inside. It helped my kids and me to express ourselves.”  —Parent of three, ages 7-11

“The program has taught me that my child can learn to express her feelings more. The group sessions with parent and child were especially helpful.”  —Parent of 8-year-old

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