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Children’s Services

Children often suffer the most from another’s substance abuse. To help those children who are affected by parents, family members, and caretakers who struggle with alcohol, drugs, and other compulsive behaviors, we provide the following services:

Children’s Clinical Services provides case management, counseling and social services to children from birth to 20 years of age who have been exposed to addictive drugs, nicotine, alcohol, sexually-transmitted diseases and/or HIV during pregnancy, with extension of services to their families.

Kids Camps at The Council is a program for children ages 7 to 12, from families who have struggled with alcohol and/or other drug addiction, whether in the past or currently. The four-day prevention and support program helps kids learn that they are not alone and that other kids and families have similar experiences.

The Cradles Project, as part of The Council’s Behavioral Health Center for Women & Children, intervenes with the substance use of pregnant and postpartum women to help reduce future births of alcohol- and drug-exposed infants. This program consists of counseling, case management services and parenting education.

The Council’s Children’s Clinical Services team works every day to build healthier and brighter futures—one child, one woman and one family at a time. Click on these links to read their articles on Preparing Children for Change and 10 Tips for Back-to-School Readiness