Kids Camp at The Council

Kids Camp at The Council aims to help children ages 7 to 12, from families who have struggled with alcohol and/or other drug addiction, whether in the past or currently. The four-day prevention and support program helps kids learn that they are not alone and that other kids and families have similar experiences. The children are welcome Thursday through Sunday and their parents are welcome on Saturday and Sunday.

For more information and to sign up, please call (281)200-9299 or email

Meet the Council’s Kids Camp therapists. Learn more about how Kids Camp works by watching this video from Jerry Moe, a pioneering founder of the The Betty Ford Children’s Program.

Upcoming Kids Camp at The Council dates:


  • October 23-26, 2014


  • January 1-4, 2015
  • March 19-22, 2015
  • June 25-28, 2015
  • August 6-9, 2015

For more information you may click the links to each date above, call (281)200-9299 or email

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