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Teen Services

We provide the following services to adolescents and teens (ages 13- 17) in need of treatment and support pertaining to alcohol, drugs, and other compulsive behaviors: 

    • Clinical Screening & Assessment – Your child will meet with a highly qualified counselor for a diagnostic interview to accurately determine your child’s needs and plan an effective path toward healing for your child and your family. Drug tests are conducted if necessary.
    • Therapy (Individual & Family) – During individual therapy, teens learn why they began using substances, what triggers their use, and new coping skills for dealing with high-risk situations. Family therapy empowers all members to have an assertive voice, and learn validation and behavior modification strategies to shape attitudes and behaviors.
    • High-Risk Behavior Class for Teens – Course information is evidenced-based and research driven. Masters level clinicians who know and understand adolescent behavior create an atmosphere that is interactive and fun. This class is appropriate for teens in the experimentation or abuse phase. Teens can join the group at any time during the 3-month repeating curriculum, while parents meet—simultaneously, but separately—to learn similar material from an adult perspective (see below).
    • Adolescent Psychotherapy Group - This group is designed to offer a more intensive processing experience for teens and young adults who struggle with high-risk behavior, co-occurring mental health issues, and/or behavioral problems. Participants are offered a safe environment to process and deal with issues as well as learn how to increase executive functioning skills to improve their life and relationships.
    • Parent Support Group – This group is designed for parents of teens and young adults who struggle with substance abuse and behavioral problems. Parents who attend this therapeutic support group come together in a comfortable setting to learn about substance abuse and behavioral modification principles.
    • Parent Coaching – Designed for parents of adolescents and young adults who are struggling with any type of high-risk behavior, these sessions offer personalized coaching from a master’s level therapist on how to create family contracts and to follow through with action for lasting behavioral change.
    • Teen Hangout Room - Our comfortable space offers the perfect setting for sober socializing.
    • Alternative Peer Group (APG) Referrals - Research shows higher rates of recovery among young people who have support and friendships with other teens who are striving for sobriety.  APGs offer easier access to this support.
    • Brown Bag Seminars - Free hour-long classes offer insight into teen behaviors and parents’ options in an informal setting where questions are welcome. 

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