Presentations & Tours

The Council’s qualified staff can provide presentations, health fairs and agency tours to the community at no cost. We prefer a minimum advance notice of two (2) weeks, but appreciate having more time to plan for these popular events:

  • Recovery Month (September)
  • Red Ribbon Week (October)
  • Great American Smokeout (November)
  • Driving, Drinking, Drugging Awareness Month (December)
  • Tobacco-Free Kids Day (March)
  • Alcohol Awareness Month (April)
  • World No-Tobacco Day (May 31)

The Council’s knowledgeable staff often visits schools, agencies, businesses, churches and other community groups to give presentations on various topics, including:
•Consequences and effects of substance abuse
•Signs & Symtoms: What to look for
•How to talk to your kids about alcohol, tobacco and other drugs
Other presentations can be developed and conducted upon request, depending on staff availability and expertise.

Health Fairs
Qualified Council staff can present Information or provide materials for distribution at community health fairs. The information includes pamphlets, posters, resource information and Council brochures that explain the consequences of using alcohol, tobacco and other drugs.

Agency Tours
Guided tours of The Council, facilitated by key staff members during business hours, are available for those who wish to learn more about The Council.

To make arrangements, please call 713-942-4122 or email and include a contact name, number and type of service needed.